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The International Master in Applied Ecology (IMAE) is an Erasmus Mundus Master Course. The IMAE brings together an international network that involves a consortium of 8 Universities located in different countries (four in Europe, two in Latin America, one in Australia, one in New-Zealand and one in North America) with complementary disciplinary foci and competences in the field of applied ecology.

The IMAE course has been designed to form highly qualified professionals who can address environmental issues not only through ecological sciences but also drawing on associated social, political and economical dimensions. They will contribute to conserve environment with regards to business and legislation, to promote sustainable growth and to integrate into their diagnoses the growing needs of citizens, public authorities, and industry alike. The high diversity of course content and the number of mobility periods during training provided by  the program increase opportunities to develop both an international outlook and new perspectives in the field of applied ecology.

The IMAE experience means your environmental concern will benefit various professional and daily cultures in at least 4 different countries. When we designed the teaching programme we aimed at a balance between theoretical courses and practical experiences (field trips, meeting with stakeholders, seminars) including a six months period of professional experience anywhere in the world.

Apply to IMAE if Ecological care is important to you. We accept students from all over the world. Your qualifications, previous experience and motivation are essential for us as the programme will also benefit from your personal life history.

Visit our IMAE website to know more about the study programme,  mobility periods, how to apply

We  look forward to meeting you next September.