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UP-001 Intensive Training in French Language

Period P0 - Université de Poitiers, FranceYear 1
UP-001Intensive Training in French Language0 ECTSPeriod P0UP
Objectives:Students are following an intensive training in French during a week (30 hours of workshop). The course is managed on the campus by an autonomous service, the CFLE (Centre de Français Langue Etrangère) which has a robust experience in this kind of language preparation.

Outcomes:The goal of the session is to provide basic skills and useful keys in order to perform a smooth integration in the new country. European life traits and habits, cultural presentation of European countries are used for discussion and training.
CompulsoryTaught in FRPure
EvaluationWorkload : 30 hours
Written Exam50%Lecture30
Oral Exam50%Seminar
Scientific ProductionTotal30h