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UP-308 Statistics & Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tools -– Field Studies

Period P3b - Université de Poitiers, FranceYear 2
UP-308Statistics & Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tools – Field Studies6 ECTSPeriod P3bUP
Objectives:This GIS module uses public available databases to compute geospatial statistics. These spatial data process lead to analyze data in 3 dimensions coming from the database CORINE land cover (i.e. a geographic ‘land cover/land use’ database across Europe, produced by the European Environment Agency). In parallel, the samples geolocalisation lead to link spatial distribution of individuals with landscape features and to determine for instance ecological corridors. Multivariate statistics using script in R are also covered in this unit.

Outcomes:Following this module, students will be able to manipulate the main GIS formats (i.e. vector and raster). Moreover, students will be able to use different geographic coordinate systems and to run the main spatial analyses answering to research questions concerning the landscape ecology.
CompulsoryTaught in FRMixed
EvaluationWorkload : 150 hours
Written ExamLecture20
Oral ExamSeminar