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UP-303 Environmental law enforcement & Environmental Economics

Period P3b - Université de Poitiers, FranceYear 2
UP-303Environmental law enforcement & Environmental Economics6 ECTSPeriod P3bUP
Objectives:This module covers both environment law and socio-economic approaches with lecturers specialised in the respective fields. The first one focus on history of environmental law and the evolution of legislation. Students will learn essential tools to find specific laws relatives to their needs and how to read and interpret them. Case studies with short term decision are also used to train students. The second one presents the socio-economic situation in France and developped the world crises consequences in human societies and environment. Students will discover all juridical frames which are essential to protect ecosystems and socio-economic impacts on environment.

Outcomes:The aim of the unit is to make students that did not study law in their curricula aware of the growing weight of juridical regulations in environmental management and of the fluctuating nature of these regulations at the regional, national and European levels
ElectiveTaught in FRMixed
EvaluationWorkload : 150 hours
Written Exam50%Lecture56
Oral ExamSeminar