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UP-302 Ecosystem Management, Protection and Valorisation -– Field Studies

Period P3b - Université de Poitiers, FranceYear 2
UP-302Ecosystem Management, Protection and Valorisation – Field Studies6 ECTSPeriod P3bUP
Objectives:This unit explains the « tools » leading to the management and planning of the natural zones (nature reserve, national park etc…). Methodological tools are presented: patrimonial assessment, goal definitions, scheduling of the operations. With the example of a nature reserve, the aim is to show how to define a management plan and to show the role of the different partners in its elaboration. This module includes several field trips with professionals, during one to 3 days, in different ecosystems: wetlands (3 days in Plateau des Millevaches, natural reserve in Limousin region), litoral (3 days with the NGO Association Nationale pour la Conservation de la Biodiversité in the programme OBIOS "Objectifs Biodiversité" in Oléron Island), restored area (Pinail national natural reserve near Poitiers with the NGO in charge of the management of the reserve) and daily sessions with NGOs (Vienne Nature, LPO...). During the field trips the students will have an introduction on biodiversity of different taxonomy groups in France.

Outcomes:To have an overview of the different management methods. To know the constitutive plants and animals in different landscapes (meadow, moorland…) and phytosociologic associations in moderate climates. Be able to use different methods on the field to follow the evolution of different ecosystems.
ElectiveTaught in FRMixed
EvaluationWorkload : 150 hours
Written Exam50%Lecture40
Oral ExamSeminar