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UP-113 Natural Resource Use and Tourism in Fragile Ecosystems of the Galapagos Islands – Field Studies

Period P1 - Universidad San Francisco de Quito, EcuadorYear 1
UP-113Natural Resource Use and Tourism in Fragile Ecosystems of the Galapagos Islands – Field Studies2 ECTSPeriod P1USFQ
Objectives:In addition to their rich evolutionary history, the Galápagos Archipelago is a striking example of the ever-changing interactions between natural ecosystems, and human societies. The fragile ecosystems of these islands have been constantly exposed to the activities of a human community that changes at an outstanding pace. But in striking contrasts to mainland ecosystems, both the Galápagos ecosystems and the human groups that inhabit the islands, are subjected to severely restricted resources, isolation, and an extreme sensibility to changes in climatic conditions.

Outcomes:Students will have the opportunity to review secondary information, as well as interview key individuals that represent the various interests that influence development and conservation movements in the Archipelago. Taking into account the limiting resources and space available in the islands, students will be asked to explore potential future scenarios in the islands taking into account the human population dynamics, the pressures and opportunities of the tourism industry, and the needs of the local population in the context of the fragility of island ecosystems under climate change scenarios.
CompulsoryTaught in ENPure
EvaluationWorkload : 50 hours
Written ExamLecture
Oral ExamSeminar10
Scientific ProductionTotal30h