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UP-111 Ecosystem Services and Conservation in Andean Watersheds – Field Studies

Period P1 - Universidad San Francisco de Quito, EcuadorYear 1
UP-111Ecosystem Services and Conservation in Andean Watersheds – Field Studies2 ECTSPeriod P1USFQ
Objectives:This module will be divided in two phases. The first phase will emphasize field visits (Paluguillo an Riobamba) to familiarize the students with the physical and biotic factors that shape the functioning of Páramo ecosystems. At the same time, they will visit an indigenous Andean community where they will learn about the living conditions and challenges that these communities face as they try to adapt to the changing economic and climatic conditions. During the second phase, and based on the field visits, and on additional data and literature that will be provided, the students will discuss alternative approaches that could be used to improve the management of high altitude ecosystems.

Outcomes:In their presentations and reports, students will be asked to emphasize i) the role of scientific data in terms of guiding any management recommendation that they design, ii) the multidisciplinary aspects of their proposal, and iii) the way on which their management approach deals with both, ecosystem protection and human welfare.
CompulsoryTaught in ENPure
EvaluationWorkload : 50 hours
Written ExamLecture
Oral ExamSeminar10
Scientific ProductionTotal30h