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UP-110 Ecological Risk Assessment of Contaminated Sites

Period P1 - Universidade de Coimbra, PortugalYear 1
UP-110Ecological Risk Assessment of Contaminated Sites3 ECTSPeriod P1UC
Objectives:The course covers major concepts on ecotoxicology and ecological risk assessment. Focus is given on the state of the art ecotoxicological tools and schemes for ecological risk assessment of substances and contaminated sites using a multidisciplinary approach integrating ecology, chemistry and toxicology concepts. Students will acquire laboratory and data analysis skills working on real examples and will gain experience on risk assessment schemes by analysing several case studies and acting in different role play exercises.

Outcomes:Acquire knowledge and skills on ecotoxicological methods and schemes of ecological risk assessment for substances (mainly pesticides) and contaminated sites.
ElectiveTaught in ENPure
EvaluationWorkload : 75 hours
Written ExamLecture10
Oral ExamSeminar5
Scientific Production70%Total30h