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UP-106 Research in Ecology – Seminars

Period P1 - Université de Poitiers, FranceYear 1
UP-106Research in Ecology - Seminars & Workshop3 ECTSPeriod P1UP
Objectives:Presentation from invited researchers in Ecology (preparation by reading publications of the invited speaker before). The diversity of speakers will give a large overview in differents field link to applied ecology. Student reflexion after each seminar leads to short article. Workshop sessions and discussions will be organised with external speakers. Student are also expected to read and analyze recent publications and expose the content to their classmate.

Outcomes:Be up to date in the different fields of research in ecology. Improve communication and writing skills and each article will be published in IMAE blog. Create the opportunity to exchange with guest speakers on various topics.
CompulsoryTaught in ENPure
EvaluationWorkload : 75 hours
Written ExamLecture6
Oral ExamSeminar30
Scientific Production60%Total44h