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UP-105 Multilingual Creation of international resources in ecology (with language Training in German, Portuguese or French)

Period P1 - Université de Poitiers, FranceYear 1
UP-105Multilingual Creation of international resources in ecology (with language Training in German, Portuguese or French)2 ECTSPeriod P1UP
Objectives:Students will produce electronic material focused on project, methods, protocols for different target (from children to students), in 3 different languages (English as a standard). These documents will fed an electronic library available on IMAE website with an open access (platform ICare, for "International Catalog of Resources in Ecology). Constitution of material for an international online library in Ecology, in different European languages, based on students' previous experience on Ecology or open to new suggestion in the thematic of the programme. Acquire basics level in French, German or Portuguese language which are the languages which additionally to English are useful for student integration in the programme and the hosting countries. Even if the study programme is mostly in English the local language is an asset for the integration and during relationship with people outside the IMAE programme. The training in French is compulsory for students whom reach Poitiers during the second year because French is also an teaching language for some modules. The training in European languages can be continued in the next hosting institution in UK, Germany, Portugal and Brazil. Students are authorized to follow two different languages.

Outcomes:Students will be faliliarized with communication, team working and publishing skills. They will be able to adapt the scientific information for different target (children, non scientist, Â…). The work in group will develop team working competences in collaborative and leading works. The assessment is based on the production of the real output including online publication and its valorisation. Share previous research experience or future research project between students and make material for the online library "International Catalogue of Academic Resources in Ecology" (IMAE-ICARE) access that summarize these experiences for a broad public. Improve proficiency in another European language (other that English since a fluent proficiency is required for admission). The student will be placed in a group of level corresponding to his/her proficiency (using Europass Language passport grid).
CompulsoryTaught in EN, GE, PT, FRPure
EvaluationWorkload : 50 hours
Written Exam25%Lecture20
Oral Exam25%Seminar10
Scientific Production50%Total42h