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UP-104 Methods in Evolutionary and Applied Ecology

Period P1 - Université de Poitiers, FranceYear 1
UP-104Methods in Evolutionary and Applied Ecology2 ECTSPeriod P1UP
Objectives:This unit is designed to give the opportunity to students to learn a wide range of modern methods (from molecules to populations) that are fundamental in the study of Ecology. Lectures and seminaries on basic in Statistics are also given: means, variances and confidence intervals, useful statistical distributions and parametric tests. Free statistical analysis tool: Introduction to R environment (GNU project). Establish and test a statistical design from experiments conducted by the students during the period in Poitiers.

Outcomes:Be able to design the right protocol with the right methods from molecules level to the population one in front of an ecological question and to analyze the generated data with the proper statistic test.
CompulsoryTaught in ENPure
EvaluationWorkload : 50 hours
Written ExamLecture6
Oral ExamSeminar
Scientific ProductionTotal30h