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UP-103 Management of Ecosystem Biodiversity – Field Studies

Period P1 - Université de Poitiers, FranceYear 1
UP-103Management of Ecosystem Biodiversity – Field Studies2 ECTSPeriod P1UP
Objectives:Lectures and seminars are dedicated to: Management of the functional biodiversity in agroecosystems with a case study concerning the diversity of soil macrofauna in Western France. Management of freshwater biodiversity using crayfish as bioindicators. The impact of invasive species. Phylogenetic tools to study biodiversity. The teaching unit includes one full week in a CNRS Research Centre of Chizé with courses (seminars and case studies presented by researchers and PhDs and a training on animal rearing facilities) and research initiation in the fields of ecology, ecophysiology and behaviour.

Outcomes:Be able to evaluate and manage biodiversity in both natural and agricultural ecosystems with a peculiar emphasize on invasive species. Understand phylogenetic analysis and representation tools. During the research training you will learn how to rear and maintain wild animals (arthropods and vertebrates) in laboratory conditions for experimental or care purposes. The students work also in group in order to solve a research problem, from the approach to the result interpretation using statistics tools and present a seminar at the end of the week.
CompulsoryTaught in ENMixed
EvaluationWorkload : 50 hours
Written ExamLecture16
Oral Exam20%Seminar
Scientific Production50%Total46h