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UFRGS-302 Theory and Analysis of Community Assembly and Organization

Period P3e - Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, BrazilYear 2
UFRGS-302Theory and Analysis of Community Assembly and Organization4 ECTSPeriod P3eUFRGS
Objectives:The course is about concepts and methods useful for the analysis of assembly patterns of biodiversity by integrating at the metacommunity level phenotypic and phylogenetic information referring to the community components and variables referring to the ecosystems.

Outcomes:It is expected that the students will have a clear understanding of theories and methods applied to biodiversity analysis at the community and metacommunity levels and that they will be able to ask relevant questions, compile and analyze existing data, and interpret the results.
CompulsoryTaught in ENMixed
EvaluationWorkload : 100 hours
Written ExamLecture12
Oral ExamSeminar3