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UEA-307 Restoration Ecology – Field Studies

Period P3c - University of East Anglia at Norwich, EnglandYear 2
UEA-307Restoration Ecology – Field Studies3 ECTSPeriod P3cUEA
Objectives:An introduction to the principles and practice of ecological restoration. The causes of ecosystem degradation and practical measures for enhancement, restoration and creation are examined using actual case studies. We review methods and outcomes of restoration in a wide diversity of ecosystems to illustrate contrasting problems and approaches to solving them. Aquatic systems include shallow eutrophic lakes and rivers, coral reefs and intertidal habitats. consideration of terrestrial systems emphasizes lowland heathland, coastal beaches and dunes, woodland and forest, and remote tropical islands. Three field trips to contrasting projects based in East Anglia will give first-hand experience of restoration in action, as well as illustrating work at different stages and in different habitats.

Outcomes:To understand the rationale of restoration ecology. To understand the causes and nature of damage to ecosystems, and thus restoration desiderata. To gain an appreciation of potential constraints on restoration - scientific, political and legislative. To examine techniques for restoration applicable in different ecosystems with contrasting environments. To consider the role of after-care management and the evaluation of restoration success. To gain experience of framing a restoration proposal.
ElectiveTaught in ENMixed
EvaluationWorkload : 60 hours
Written ExamLecture18
Oral ExamSeminar