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UC-303 Disturb Streams: Hydrology, Ecology and Management

Period P3a - Universidade de Coimbra, PortugalYear 2
UC-303Disturb Streams: Hydrology, Ecology and Management3 ECTSPeriod P3aUC
Objectives:In this course, students will get insight into the concept of disturbed streams focusing on hydrological, structural and functional features. Students will be exposed to the main causes of stream ecosystem degradation - modification of land use in the catchment areas (e.g. afforestations, clearing, agriculture practices, urbanization) and water contamination (e.g. metals from mining activities, pesticides, nanoparticles and pharmaceuticals). They will get insight into the general and specific consequences of such perturbations considering not only environmental but also social and economical implications. The course will rely on the participation of scientists and engineers of wide-ranging expertise, academics and/or scientists working in the industry, who have ongoing projects on impacted streams and on streams rehabilitation.

Outcomes:Know and understand the structure and functioning of a lotic system. Understand the differences between pristine and disturbed streams at structural and functional levels. Identify stress factors and related consequences. Explain, in an integrative way, structural and functional deviations from the pristine state observed in multiple stressed streams. Integrate the information gained on laboratory and field work in order to choose the appropriate methodologies for impact assessment and mitigation. Analyze the impacts of several human activities and propose strategies to mitigate the problems caused by the different stress factors at different levels of the drainage basin.
ElectiveTaught in ENMixed
EvaluationWorkload : 75 hours
Written Exam70%Lecture10
Oral ExamSeminar5