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CAU-310 Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Population Dynamics in Landscapes –- Field Studies

Period P3d - Christian-Albrechts Universität zu Kiel, GermanyYear 2
CAU-310Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Population Dynamics in Landscapes – Field Studies6 ECTSPeriod P3dCAU
Objectives:Based on provided data and on public available data retrieved by the students, participants will indicate, characterize and separate geo-data and topical data. Data bases and GIS-Systems will be connected to support the spatial analysis of telemetric survey data of mammals. Varying GIS tools are used to visualize the outcomes. Finally, the assembled information is analyzed to generate and justify resulting research questions.

Outcomes:Students are able to understand the differences between and to work with the following geometric objects: vector, line, area, space as basic units to depict and to analyze population dynamics on the landscape level. The participants are competent to work with the EU-Directive INSPIRE to access public available spatial data. And, they are able to understand the relevance of and can work with varying geographic coordinate systems.
ElectiveTaught in ENMixed
EvaluationWorkload : 180 hours
Written ExamLecture
Oral ExamSeminar