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CAU-201 Long-Term Development of Landscapes –- Field Studies

Period P2b - Christian-Albrechts Universität zu Kiel, GermanyYear 1
CAU-201Long-Term Development of Landscapes – Field Studies6 ECTSPeriod P2bCAU
Objectives:Principles of landscape development (processes, structures). Method of 4-dimensional landscape change analysis. Impact of social, economical and natural frames on land use, with examples for the effect of agro-land use on water and element budget, soil forming and soil erosion as well as biotic processes and structures in the field. Students will organise and conduct projects in groups. Reports about data management, analysis and presentation method mark the end of each teaching unit.

Outcomes:Students understand the relation between current state of cultural landscape and the historical development over decades and centuries. They know that knowledge of landscape history is necessary to make fundamental statements about development of a landscape. The students understand methods for identifying and assessing longtime changes in landscapes and can apply these methods. Students are able to assess possibilities, limits and informational value of field data collection.
ElectiveTaught in ENMixed
EvaluationWorkload : 180 hours
Written ExamLecture
Oral ExamSeminar30