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Overview of the Study Programme

The table lists the modules offered during successive study periods (with indication on time schedule, hosting institution) and indicates the language of instruction, if the unit is compulsory (C) or elective (E), specific for IMAE students (P) or shared with regular students (M), the total workload in hours (WL) and the ECTS allocated. The categories (Cat.) of modules are: “Concept in applied & fundamental Ecology” (CE); “Transdisciplinary approach” (TA); “Immersion in socio-economic/scientific/cultural sectors with professionals” (IP); and “Tools for applied ecologists (methods and transferable skills)” (TE).

Via the following link, you can access to the overview of the study programme pdf file.

The units are detailed (objectives, outcomes, assessments, teaching hours) in a separate Appendix.

Period P0 Integrative period in Poitiers & IMAE Symposium (September)

Period P3a Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal (September to February)

Period P3b Université de Poitiers, France (September to February)

Stream 1: “Ecosystems Management”

Stream 2: “Evolutionary Ecology”

Compulsory modules for both streams

Period P4 Each IMAE awarding institution (January or March to August)

Period P5 Poitiers, IMAE Farewell Congress (September)

Degree awarding ceremony at the end of Year 2