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Assessment of ecosystem services changes as a result of a tide management project in the river Elbe

2012Assessment of ecosystem services changes as a result of a tide management project in the river Elbe.OMARI MANGI Halima (Tanzania, United Republic Of)
Organisation:Christian Albrechts University, Kiel (DE)Supervisor :
Summary: Elbe Estuary is an important space today just as it has been since the beginning of the Industrial revolution. It carries one of the busiest port in Germany, the Hamburg Port. which is also the economic base of the Hamburg Metropolitan region. The port is linking production area to the market areas in different places in the world. Today this estuary is facing several problems including tidal pumping and accelerated sedimentation which interferes with the shipping safety. These problems are in one way created by the biogeophysical modification of the River/Estuary. More important is that. these modifications seem to be necessary today and in the future. as economy is growing and shipping is needed more. For that reason, mechanisms to ensure delivery of both ecological and economic benefits are necessary. The Hamburg Port Authority in collaboration with the TIDE-project, is about to establish Shallow water volume along the tidal river Elbe, as a tide control measure through application of ecological engineering. In this study ecosystem services concept is applied to assess ecosystem services changes for the two periods before and after the project implementation. The relevant ecosystem services are identified, indicators for their flow as benefits to people are derived and finally economic valuation is performed in order to easy communications among decision-markers. Various data sources including GIS, Model results and transfer benefit is used according to Indicator units.