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Posted by on Oct 23, 2019 in News | 0 comments

Erasmus Mundus farewell congress 2019 (Video)

Watch the Erasmus Mundus farewell congress 2019 at UPtv

Farewell 2019

Were present students from different cohorts:

the cohort 2015-2017 (Kevin in Germany, Audrey  in Madagascar, Paula currently in Guadeloupe, André with his smile and tears of joy, Jeff with his Lion in Kenya, Pratik, Jessica, Ingmar, Merijn, Engel, Nicolas, Amrita, Lishani … in Germany…. )

the cohort 2016-2018 (Anne in Germany, Aurelie in USA, Louisa in UK, Susan in Italy, Bibek in Nepal, Laurentiu in Germany, Amani in Barcelona, Edgar in different country each month! Ana in Honduras, Itxaso looking for a nice place )

the cohort 2017-2019 (ALL of YOU –   congratulations –   and many parents, relatives… )

Thanks for all your nice words, post card and videos


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