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Careful: The current programme (Erasmus Mundus IMAE) received the 5 elligible cohorts of the recognition period (2013-2019) and will no longer select new applicants.


A new joint Degree between the Universities of Coimbra and Kiel, also called international master in applied ecology, has just been created. This new programme can not be considered as an extension of the current EMMC-IMAE programme from several aspects: as it’s not longer funded by the European commision, the coordination changed, the part of consortium changed (are no longer part of the consortium: Univ. Poitiers, USFQ-quito, Univ of Adelaide, Univ of Otago) and part of the study programme.


The new website with more details

Regarding your emails, here are the answer of the main questions they received:



From 2018 afterwards IMAE will change its “modus operandi” as it will offer a Joint Degree between the Universities of Coimbra and Kiel, with mobility to UK (The University of East Anglia at Norwich), Brazil (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul at Porto Alegre and University of São Paulo) and Canada (University of Saskatchewan).

Regarding the IMAE Curriculum, there will be some changes in the mobility scheme, but it continues to offer the same high-quality classes among the consortium members, including several field trips.

The offer in terms of classes will increase due to the intensification of the collaboration within the Consortium, with several lecturers from the different universities lecturing in other institutions in the Consortium. The official language of IMAE will continue to be English.

The mobility plan will be the following:

Year 1

1st semester (September to February) – University of Coimbra + Field trip to the Pantanal (Brazil – co-organized with the University of São Paulo)

2nd semester (March till July) – University of Kiel

Year 2 – specialization year

1st & 2nd semesters: University of Coimbra / University of Kiel / University of East Anglia / Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul / University of Saskatchewan

Fees: The fees will continue to be the same: 9.000€ per year for non-European students (all students without an European citizenship) and 4.500€ per year for European students (all students with an European citizenship)

Canadian Grants: With the inclusion of the University of Saskatchewan in IMAE we have the chance to offer 2-year grants for those selected students within IMAE that are willing to spend their second year in Canada doing applied-oriented projects on the area of fertilizer technology and environmental assessment. The interested students will be submitted to a selection process according to the number of grants available each year. The value of the grant is 17.500 CAN/yr (around 11.000,00€/yr).

Applications: Application for the 2018-2019 edition will open in Spring 2018. The documents to present are the same as now, and all must be in English (motivation letter, Bachelor’s certificate, transcripts of records, recommendation letters and CV). So, after February browse IMAE website for more information.

Exchange with coordinating staff of the new master will be available at the following email