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Application Steps

In order to avoid financial investment for the applicants, no certification of diploma translations or pre-registration fees are required during the application process. The applicants should select the elective specialization (Year 2, Period 3). Applications can be made anytime from November 2th to January 12th (2pm, Paris).

STEP 1: read carefully the different specialization provided by the IMAE and described here.

In order to prepare and complete the application form, you can download a preview version of the application form with all the questions you will have to answer in the online official application form. Notice that when you start to complete the online form, it will not be possible to save the information and continue later. You must fill in the form completelu in one single session.


Complete IMAE application form. Prepare the following supporting documents for step 3 : transcript of records, degree, 2 letters of recommendation, letter of motivation, proof of English proficiency, proof of identity, Europass CV created on the European platform. All these documents should be in English in their original version. If not, provide the original version and a translated one.

Complete IMAE application form and submit it.


When step 2 is successfully completed, you will receive an email containing:

  • The application form in PDF format.
  • The guideline information explaining how to upload the application form as well as supporting documents.

All documents will be uploaded directly on the University of Coimbra platform.


Selection criteria are

  1. Academic excellence represents 60% of the score
  2. Motivation 25%
  3. Competences and practical experiences 15%.

Equal opportunities

Equal opportunities – “Gender balance” in the selected list will be representative of the sex ratio of eligible applicants. The rank of merit will be taken into consideration (neither positive nor negative discrimination on the basis of gender). “Special needs”: nothing in the assessment will refer to particular needs. However, after the final selection, the student will receive the notification of selection in the main or reserve list and will be invited to contact the programme coordinator – for an exchange with due regard to confidentiality – for any special needs (health concerns, physical disabilities, and accompanying person) to provide support to the student.


Admission – Selected students receive an official notification from the European agency together with the student agreement (in March). Upon reception of the signed agreement, the students will have access to online pedagogical material for self-training in language and pluridisciplinary readings. All students start at the same time and arrive at the coordinating institution (University of Poitiers, Period 0) at the end of August. Selected students will be provided with useful tips for travel and immigration and details on the integration phase. They will meet students completing the programme and doing their final defense early September (IMAE farewell congress).